The San Francisco 1st Half Marathon

Since I moved to San Francisco a few years ago and got back into running, I've been interested in doing a half marathon that crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. It's one of my absolute favorite things in San Francisco, and I usually run across it for longer training runs. It even feels magical in the fog — it's like you're running through clouds! That desire to run the bridge led me to the San Francisco 1st Half Marathon.

My Dad, who comes out to San Francisco fairly regularly for races, flew out for this race (his first Bay Area half marathon!). We spent the day before the race hiking to the summit of Mt. Livermore on Angel Island (active but tiring enough to encourage us to go to bed early!). Since it was vacation time for him, we enjoyed some wine the night before the race (some very tasty 2014 Walt Blue Jay Pinot Noir), along with homemade spaghetti and turkey meatballs. I don't typically drink before a race, but I think my experience here may make me change my tun…

Bay to Breakers: A Quintessentially San Francisco Race

A few years ago, I moved to San Francisco on Bay to Breakers weekend. Every year since then, my dad has flown out from Indianapolis to join me the annual run/costume party/longest consecutively run footrace in the world. This year was no exception! We even dressed up in costumes this year.

In addition to my dad, though, a whole group of friends joined us as fellow Waldos. Or, rather, we joined them. The Where's Waldo? idea came from my friend Kim a few days before the race, and it ended up being a pretty fun costume. All along the race course, we had people run up to us, exclaiming "We found you!" There were also a few other scattered groups of Waldos, and it was fun running up behind them and saying hello.

Now, onto the race itself...
For those of you who have run Bay to Breakers before, you probably know that it isn't a race to run for a PR. The number of people who run it is massive, so unless you're in Corral A (which I believe you can only get in with a prov…

Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon

Hey there! Long time, no talk. I've gotten into a (relatively) steady rhythm of running and yoga and, when you throw in the fact that I started a new job in January, I just have been tired and haven't felt like I've had much interesting to write about. But I did run my fifth half marathon a few weeks ago, so I felt like that warranted a post.

So, without further ado, the Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon!

Probably my favorite post-race picture I've ever taken!
I signed up for this race in late December when my friends Kim and Brent told me that they were going to run it. What I didn't think of at the time, though, was the fact that Super Bowl 50 volunteering was going to end up taking up the majority of my free time in January. So, my training got a bit derailed. But, having just PRed the Berkeley Half in November, I wasn't too worried. I knew I was in decent shape, and I was completely okay with having to walk if needed. I was essentially just looki…

Berkeley Half Marathon

Last weekend, I crossed the finish line on my fourth half marathon, the Berkeley Half Marathon. It was a challenging one!

Although my posts have been a bit infrequent lately, I've shared (mainly on Twitter) that I had a few mishaps in training on the road to my half marathon. Some old tendonitis issues flared up again, which meant two weeks away from running. I also took a last-minute vacation to Australia and New Zealand and, with my busy schedule while there, really didn't have time to do much running (although I did a ton of walking, so I stayed in decent shape). By the time half marathon day rolled around, I hadn't run in two weeks! My longest training run was only a little over 8 miles. So, I was a bit nervous about how it was going to go.

It had a relatively late start for a half marathon (8am), and the starting line was conveniently located about 10 minutes from my friend Laura's apartment where I was staying. It was a great way to start the morning (and a nice …

Half Marathon #4 in the Books

Today, I finished my fourth half marathon! And, despite some setbacks in training, I set a new personal record of 2:29.36! I'll be writing up a race report before long, but for now, here's a photo of me and my friend Laura who talked me into signing up for it.

A little retrospective on my history with half marathons...last year, I finished the Nike Women's Half Marathon here in San Francisco. I ran it the day after a friend's wedding so, despite the fact that I was on my best behavior at the wedding and reception, I still didn't have quite the finish I was hoping for. I don't recall my exact time (and can't seem to pinpoint it anywhere on the internet), but I believe it was around 2:40. EDIT: Found the time! I know why I didn't post it online anywhere haha

In 2013, I ran a half marathon in Utah with my dad. It was pretty much all downhill, which was incredible. I also had really been kicking ass in training (and the fact that I lived at a …

One More for the Weekend

Having an extra weekend day is just amazing! Why can't we have three-day weekends every week?

After a weekend of a bit too much fun, I decided to start my Monday off on a healthy note — with a run! However, I underestimated just how much San Francisco's oddly hot weather at the moment would affect me. Although it was beautiful outside, I was painfully aware of how little shade there is along my usual loop. Normally, we have a nice breeze coming off of the Bay, as well, but it was on vacation this weekend. So, by the time MapMyRun hit three miles, I was beat and called it a run.

Better than nothing, right??

tank [similar] - shorts [exact] - shoes [exact] - sunglasses [exact]

I haven't run in shorts in quite awhile! I'm typically not a big fan because I find they ride up quickly, and then I'm left with chafed thighs. Since I was anticipating that, I very liberally applied Body Glide before heading out. It worked pretty well for a short run. This tank top is also nice …

Working Hard on Labor Day Weekend

While most of my friends were heading out of town this weekend for Labor Day, I opted to stay home. San Francisco's weather has been hot and sunny, and I wanted to enjoy the city while so many people were out of town! 
I had another motive, too, though. I haven't been running a ton lately (usually just 1-2 times a week), but I registered for a half marathon in November. So, I wanted to take advantage of a long weekend to sneak in two quality runs to get back to work on my running base. I did just that! 
t-shirt [similar] - pants [similar] - shoes [exact] - sunglasses [exact]
My first run of the weekend was 4.5 miles on Saturday. I hadn't run that far in awhile, and although I thought the weather seemed perfect for running before I headed out, I was definitely thinking differently mid-run. It was hot and sunny (my usual route has little shade, too!) and I made the unfortunate mistake of wearing head-to-toe black!

Despite my less than stellar color choices in clothing, every…