Thursday, July 31, 2014

Killer X Training and Shoulder Tweaks

Happy Thursday!

Typically, I start my Tuesdays and Thursdays with a 7 a.m. Killer X Training class at my gym. I'm NOT a morning person at all, so it's always a challenge forcing myself out of bed. Once I've walked to the bus stop and listened to music for my 15-20 minute commute, though, I'm pretty awake. Getting out of my nice, comfy bed is the hardest part!

This morning, we had a pretty upper-body intensive class, which I usually like (gotta get those arms in shape so they look nice in my bridesmaid dress in October!). Today, though, I did something wrong and managed to tweak my shoulder. I'm not really sure what it is, but lifting things (even light things like my coffee mug) makes me grimace a bit. So, looks like I'll be sitting out for a few days. On a more positive note, my instructor Andre invited our class to his 50th birthday party next week. I thought he was joking when he said he was 50!! I need to stick with Killer X Training if it means being as in shape as he is when I'm 50!!

Onto my #WOOTD (hope you all enjoy my lovely bathroom in the background)...

Tank: Lululemon [exact]
Pants: GapFit [similar]
Sports bra: C9 [similar]
Shoes: Adidas [exact]

I am a sucker for brightly colored workout clothing (yes, I'm that girl). So, when I found these hot pink pants at a Gap Outlet for 50% off, I snagged them! These and a heathered gray pair that I picked up the same day are the only GapFit pants that have ever fit me well. I generally dislike Lululemon's pants/capris, as well, because they fit me poorly.

Food-wise, things are going well so far today. I did have a mocha this morning and later learned that this cafe makes them with heavy cream (!!!). No wonder they tasted so good! Time to cross that particular drink off of my usuals list!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Getting in Shape and Getting Accountability

I'm always looking for new ways to improve myself, particularly in the fitness realm. So, when I realized just how frequently I've been mentioning my desire to lose a few pounds and get in better shape, I decided it was time to try something new! So, I'm turning to my old, trusty blog. I'm going to start sharing my fitness journey on here in an attempt to hold myself accountable.

When I started thinking about this, I also thought about the things that motivate me to work out besides a desire to not have to buy bigger pants. As silly as it sounds, there's nothing that makes me get excited about a workout like new athletic apparel. Sometimes, having a super put together outfit for my run is the extra push I need to get out the door. So, in addition to sharing my progress and workouts, I'll be sharing my #WOOTD (my oh-so-creative take on OOTD - Outfit Of The Day - is a workout OOTD).

So, without further one!

Shirt: Columbia [similar]
Shorts: Lululemon [exact]

Shoes: Newton Running [exact]

Apologies for the less than amazing photos...waiting on my camera remote to arrive in the mail before I can take photos with my DSLR!

Today was a pretty good day for me! I ended up 171 calories under my MyFitnessPal goal for today once workout calories were factored in. I did indulge in a bit too much junk food (burger for dinner, ice cream with bourbon caramel for a snack), but, on the other hand, I remembered to take a very healthy homemade salad to work for lunch.

After work, I went for a run. I'm on week six, day three of Couch to 5k (a program that I highly recommend for anyone trying to get into running!), which means a five-minute walking warmup followed by 22 minutes of running and another five minutes of walking. Well, it went far better than expected and I ended up running for around 35 minutes because I felt great! I was still quite slow (I hadn't run for eight months due to injuries before a few weeks ago), but I ran a full 5k. It felt great!

All things considered, it was a good day today!