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Shake it Off

After a few days off courtesy of a rolled ankle, I'm back at it!

I typically do my weekend runs on Saturday mornings, but yesterday I was busy helping Crystal with stuff for her wedding most of the day (we made some pretty awesome centerpieces!). So, this morning, after being lazy and thoroughly enjoying my morning coffee and an episode of Covert Affairs on the living room sofa, I decided to run the Golden Gate Bridge again.

There wasn't a cloud in the sky, which isn't all that common here in San Francisco! While I can't say the running part was as great as my last bridge run (I had to stop for walking breaks pretty frequently and wasn't winning any awards on speed), I did end up getting to 10 miles total! Taylor Swift's super catchy new single popped up on shuffle right at mile six when I was thinking about taking a shortcut home...but it reenergized me and I got four more miles in.

Tank: Forever 21 [similar] Sports bra: C9 [similar] Shorts: Lululemon [exact] Shoes:…

Ending the Day with Yoga

Happy Tuesday! It was another busy day at the office for me, but I much prefer busy days to slow ones! It's always nice to end a busy day with relaxing yoga, though.
Wrap: Lululemon [similar]
Tank: Lululemon [exact] Pants: Yogasmoga [exact] Sports bra: C9 [similar]
Not the best tree pose, I know, but I tried ;) The wrap in the first photo (the Golden Gate Bridge is there in the background, too, if you didn't notice) is my latest obsession. A friend of mine had one from years ago, but by the time I decided one, Lululemon no longer made them. They recently did another limited run of them, but they sold out online super quickly. Fortunately, I happened to walk in my local store and they had one that someone had returned in my size! It's a perfect layer for the weather in San Francisco! 
I can't say I was perfect today with what I ate, but I definitely am back on track! I'm went a little over on MyFitnessPal today, but was pretty close to my goal. Now, I just need to actuall…

Back in the Saddle

Oh, Mondays. I always try to run on Mondays even though I find it a bit challenging to get motivated after the first day back at work for the week. When I get home (assuming I have enough time before the sun sets), I give myself a half hour to get out the door. Usually, I eat a few handfuls of cereal and watch an episode of Scrubs on Netflix, then, no matter how I'm feeling, I make myself go out afterwards. 
I realized that my sweet spot where I truly start enjoying myself on a run is around mile number three. The first few miles are always rough, but once I'm at the third mile, things seem to just click. Today, I ended up running five miles instead of the planned three because I felt so good once I hit that point! I love it when that happens!
Top: Nike [similar] Pants: Yogasmoga [exact] Socks: C9 [exact]
Forgive the bras in the room is on the small side so air drying laundry takes up every possible spot (there's also a workout top on the doorknob behind me!). One o…

Rise and Run

After a nice weekend getaway, I'm finally updating! I went running on Saturday morning and had every intention of posting...but, alas, the hotel I was at this weekend did not have free wifi (it's 2014 and Marriott doesn't have free wifi...seriously?!). But I'm back to the land of internet now and ready to get back at it!

Anyways...Saturday morning, I met up with my friend Crystal for a morning run. Both of us had busy days, so we wanted to sneak in a workout before plans caught up with us! Although I'm normally more of a solo workout person, I do love the accountability that comes with scheduling a workout along with someone else. Normally, I wouldn't wake up at 7:45am on a Saturday to run. But, since I had promised Crystal, I dragged myself out to do it.

We ended up doing an easy 3.5 miler with a few walk breaks. It felt great to have it in before I went off to Monterey for the weekend!

Top: Nike [similar] Shorts: Brooks [similar] Shoes: Newton Running [exact] Sungl…

Taking Out the Head Trash

My dad is an awesome runner. He's in his 50s but runs half marathons at least every other month (including at least one in every state I've lived in!). Anytime I have an excellent run, I call him during my cooldown walk to tell him about it.

His dad was also a really great runner. One of the things I remember my dad always telling me that his dad said is that a run is when you take out your head trash. I didn't really understand what that meant when I was trying to run when I was younger. But with each foray I make into running, I understand it more and more.

It's been a busy week at work. One of my clients had a corporate launch, which meant 10+ hour days and early mornings. I hadn't been eating properly because I tend to reach for the potato chips when I'm not consciously thinking about nutrition. Even though I wanted to exercise, it was the last thing on my mind when I was getting home at 9pm and hadn't eaten dinner yet. So, over a couple of days, my "…

Quick Run and a Busy Week

It's been a crazy week so far! I've been at work before 8am every day this week and have been occupied with work-related things until well after 7pm each evening, so I have sadly been making poor choices as far as nutrition and fitness go! But, fortunately, my scheduled run with Crystal tonight kept me accountable! We joined up with Crystal's friend Anna for a four-mile run/walk through Crissy Field. It felt good to move a bit!

Top: Nike [similar] Shorts: Brooks [similar] Shoes: Newton Running [exact] Sunglasses: Oakley [exact]
Not much new to report with this particular outfit. It's one of my go-to outfits for runs when I'm not super certain of what the weather is going to be like. Despite the fog hanging over the city as you see above, it was quite a nice evening for running!
Afterwards, we had a lovely girl's night as usual. Wine and Chinese food made for a great time! Now, gotta get back on the healthy eating bandwagon tomorrow!!!

An Exercise in Hills and Dodging Tourists

The weather in San Francisco is amazing today!! In honor of that, I decided to run the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time. I started my run in the Presidio, which meant lots of hills before actually getting to the bridge itself. I'm NOT a fan of hills at all! I very, very rarely actually run them! But, I managed to force myself to do it today, repeated over and over again in my head that I'd get to run down them later.

Once I was actually on the bridge, the challenge became dodging tourists! Despite the fact that the bridge has very clear signs directing pedestrians to one side of the bridge and cyclists to another, lots of cyclists seem to ignore that. People also tend to walk 5-6 people wide, meaning that they're taking up the entire path. As I got towards the middle of the bridge, though, it all thinned out.

On the way back, I had a few really great songs come on and give me the energy to power through to the end. I ended up running 4.5 miles without stopping and did a…

Gym Cardio Session

Last night was a rare night for me…I actually went to the gym! I’ve been contemplating getting rid of my gym membership because I enjoy running outside so much more than being cooped up in a humid, sweaty room crammed full of people. But alas…it’s a little challenging to get any strength training without a gym membership (or investing in some of my own equipment, which I don’t really have space or money for). So, I make myself go at least once a week to make sure I’m kind of getting my money’s worth.
Usually, I go to my class at the gym on Thursday mornings, but early morning just wasn’t happening today. So, after work, I went and ellipticalled for an hour, stretched and called it a night. I met up with Carrie for Mexican and ice cream (maybe not my healthiest evening, but at least I got a workout in!). We had a lovely time! 

Tank: Lululemon [exact] Pants: Aerie [similar] Shoes: Nike [similar]

Girl's Night

Apologies for not updating last night post-run...but Crystal and I ended up having a lovely girl's night with our friends Paris and Kim immediately after running! After a terrible Uber ride home that took way longer than my usual commute home (normally, I take the bus home, but I thought Uber would be faster and I was running late), Crystal and I met at our usual spot in the Presidio and ran 2.5 miles, then walked straight uphill to her place for another mile.

The healthy evening continued at Crystal's place. She made us salmon with feta and spinach, risotto and zucchini, then we polished off two bottles of wine among the group. It was a lovely time with great people...and the fact that we kept it nutritious is a nice bonus :)

Top: Nike [similar] Shorts: Brooks [similar] Shoes: Newton Running [exact]
One of the best things about these Nike V-necks is the fact that you can wear one to work/dinner/wherever and it still looks nice and not like something you just wore to workout in! It…

Sunday Runday

Two runs in one weekend!

Not a typical occurrence for me, but Crystal ended up wanting to go running again, so I figured why not? We did our same loop this morning so that she could put her new running shoes to work. It was a cloudy, misty morning, which ended up being perfect for running.

Jacket: Lululemon [similar]
Tank: Lululemon [similar] Pants: GapFit [similar] Shoes: Newton Running [exact] Sunglasses: Oakley [exact]
Please excuse my lovely expression! I've been told that I always look miserable when I run, and apparently that holds true even when I'm having someone take pictures of me running! 
Being early in the morning and all, I wasn't sure how the weather would change over the course of my run, so I took a jacket along. I hardly ever bring a jacket with me when I'm running, but these morning runs have been a bit chilly! I had taken the jacket off and wrapped it around my waist by the time we hit the end of our first mile. Still, this jacket is super lightweight so it…

Running Buddies

I'm liking this Saturday running with Crystal thing! This morning, she and I met up around 9am and did a loop very similar to the one we did last week. This week, though, we stopped at Sports Basement along the way so she could get new running shoes, then headed back up the massive hill to her apartment. That hill is a workout on its own! We spent the rest of the morning enjoying mimosas, quiche and putting together invitations for her upcoming wedding.

Top: Helly Hansen [exact] Shorts: Brooks [similar] Shoes: Newton Running [exact] Sunglasses: Oakley [exact]
Since I was able to talk my friend Whitney into taking these photos (thanks!) instead of the reliable old selfies, I actually have outdoor action shots! It was pretty chilly in San Francisco this morning, so I opted for one of my baselayer shirts from my time in the ski industry. It worked great! These sunglasses are my tried and true favorites for running (although the size of the lenses makes them challenging if you like running…

Not a Morning Person

As much as I love my killer x training class, waking up at 5:45am never gets easier! This morning, I was actually running ahead of schedule instead of late (a nice change!), so I was able to wake up a bit more before getting to the gym. Still, those first few minutes of class are painful.

The other negative when it comes to working out early is that I am so much hungrier all day! Thank goodness for the extra calories I burned because I definitely needed them today! I ended up right on target for my MyFitnessPal calories for the day, but it took a lot of self control to avoid going snack crazy all day.

Top: Lululemon [similar] Pants: Aerie [similar] Shoes: Adidas [exact]
This was my first time wearing this particular tank top to class and it was not a wise decision! Even though it has a built in bra, it did not provide nearly enough support. I had to readjust my shirt every few minutes in class to make sure no one was seeing anything they weren't supposed to! These pants are another one…

Wine and Cheese and Running

I swear...anytime I don't feel like running at all, I end up having my best runs! When I got home tonight, my legs hurt and I was hungry. So, I gave myself a half hour to down some cereal and water and then forced myself outside. I ended up running for 35 minutes without stopping, which is way more than I was supposed to on this particular day of Couch to 5k. The weather was perfect tonight, so I'm guessing that helped!

Shirt: Columbia Sportswear [similar] Pants: Lululemon [similar] Shoes: Newton Running [exact]
These pants are actually five years old! They were given to me by a friend ages ago and still look and feel just as good as the day I first received them. I wish Lululemon still made things as high quality as these! Don't get me wrong...I clearly like Lululemon (almost every one of my #WOOTDs seems to include it), but it just isn't what I used to be. 
MyFitnessPal was great today! I ended up eating well enough throughout the day that I had a few calories leftover to…

Yoga Tuesday

Even without killer X training this morning, I managed to get in a bit of a workout! On Tuesdays, one of my coworkers leads a yoga class after work. She incorporates a variety of different types of yoga, so sometimes it's more chill and sometimes it's more intense. Today happened to be one of the more intense days! By mid-class, I definitely had worked up a sweat! By the end, I felt so much more relaxed than I had before class. I love yoga for that!

Top: Under Armour [exact] Sports bra: Lululemon [exact] Pants: Yogasmoga [exact]

This is one of my favorite workout outfits! I threw in the extra picture of the back of my Under Armour tank because it's my favorite part of the shirt. Sheer white lace means it's breezy and I can show off a fun sports bra. The pants are also great. Yogasmoga makes incredibly pants that are both compressive and opaque, meaning no sheerness when you're doing downward facing dog. This particular company is a recent find of mine...right now, they…

Golden Gate Bridge Run

Image wasn't my day.

On Mondays, my work provides lunch. Today, I happened to be starving around the time it came in and didn't exactly make the healthiest decisions with what I selected! I did manage to keep my snacking to a minimum throughout the day, though, so when combined with my 4+ mile run/walk, I did hit my MyFitnessPal goal for the day.

My post-work run was also not the best. Week 7, day 2 of Couch to 5k is supposed to be 25 minutes of running without breaks, but it just wasn't happening today. I ran for the first 10 minutes or so without stopping, but my legs were screaming with every step! So, I ended up run/walking a grand total of a little over four miles. So, the distance was good...the actual running part, not so much.

Shirt: Under Armour [similar] Shorts: American Eagle [similar] Shoes: Newton Running [exact]
I also didn't quite put together the most exciting of outfits today! I do love Under Armour (this shirt is from Bay to Breakers, an iconic San F…

Saturday Morning Running

Ahh...weekend! Normally, I like to be leisurely in the morning on Saturdays, but not today! My friend Crystal texted me last night to see if we could go running together at 9 a.m. So, no time to sit around in bed and catch up on TV this morning! Instead, we met near the entrance to the Presidio, ran up almost to the Golden Gate Bridge, then came back via Crissy Field (where we wandered by some sort of boating looked pretty cool!). 

Shirt: Lululemon [exact] Shorts: Brooks [similar] Shoes: Newton Running [exact]
This shirt is one of my new favorites! Although (as I mentioned yesterday) I'm not a big fan of Lululemon's pants, I love their shirts. This particular one is made out of their Rulu fabric, which is super soft. It took a lot of self control to stop myself from buying it in every color...I'm holding out hope that it'll end up on sale one of these days. 
These shorts are also one of my favorites, but they're an old favorite! They're my go-to race shor…