Golden Gate Bridge Run wasn't my day.

On Mondays, my work provides lunch. Today, I happened to be starving around the time it came in and didn't exactly make the healthiest decisions with what I selected! I did manage to keep my snacking to a minimum throughout the day, though, so when combined with my 4+ mile run/walk, I did hit my MyFitnessPal goal for the day.

My post-work run was also not the best. Week 7, day 2 of Couch to 5k is supposed to be 25 minutes of running without breaks, but it just wasn't happening today. I ran for the first 10 minutes or so without stopping, but my legs were screaming with every step! So, I ended up run/walking a grand total of a little over four miles. So, the distance was good...the actual running part, not so much.

Shirt: Under Armour [similar]
Shorts: American Eagle [similar]
Shoes: Newton Running [exact]

I also didn't quite put together the most exciting of outfits today! I do love Under Armour (this shirt is from Bay to Breakers, an iconic San Francisco run that I happened to do my very first weekend living here)...their technical fabric is great! I also really love these American Eagle shorts, but sadly, they discontinued their line of workout apparel.

The highlight of my less-than-stellar run today was running under the Golden Gate Bridge. So, today I leave you with my run selfie!


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