Gym Cardio Session

Last night was a rare night for me…I actually went to the gym! I’ve been contemplating getting rid of my gym membership because I enjoy running outside so much more than being cooped up in a humid, sweaty room crammed full of people. But alas…it’s a little challenging to get any strength training without a gym membership (or investing in some of my own equipment, which I don’t really have space or money for). So, I make myself go at least once a week to make sure I’m kind of getting my money’s worth.

Usually, I go to my class at the gym on Thursday mornings, but early morning just wasn’t happening today. So, after work, I went and ellipticalled for an hour, stretched and called it a night. I met up with Carrie for Mexican and ice cream (maybe not my healthiest evening, but at least I got a workout in!). We had a lovely time! 

Tank: Lululemon [exact]
Pants: Aerie [similar]
Shoes: Nike [similar]

As much as I like the look of this tank top, it’s almost awkwardly long on me. It also isn’t terribly supportive despite having a built in bra, so the straps on the back end up digging into my back a bit. I think it’s much better for casual wear than it is for an actual workout. As I've said before, these discontinued Aerie pants are among my favorites for gym workouts...they just fit perfectly! Now, if only they would bring them back!!


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