Not a Morning Person

As much as I love my killer x training class, waking up at 5:45am never gets easier! This morning, I was actually running ahead of schedule instead of late (a nice change!), so I was able to wake up a bit more before getting to the gym. Still, those first few minutes of class are painful.

The other negative when it comes to working out early is that I am so much hungrier all day! Thank goodness for the extra calories I burned because I definitely needed them today! I ended up right on target for my MyFitnessPal calories for the day, but it took a lot of self control to avoid going snack crazy all day.

Top: Lululemon [similar]
Pants: Aerie [similar]
Shoes: Adidas [exact]

This was my first time wearing this particular tank top to class and it was not a wise decision! Even though it has a built in bra, it did not provide nearly enough support. I had to readjust my shirt every few minutes in class to make sure no one was seeing anything they weren't supposed to! These pants are another one of my discontinued favorites. Unfortunately, Aerie no longer makes workout clothes (well, they make yoga pants and sports bras, but they aren't really the same as these old ones). So, I guess I'll just hold onto them until the seams start coming apart!


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