Rise and Run

After a nice weekend getaway, I'm finally updating! I went running on Saturday morning and had every intention of posting...but, alas, the hotel I was at this weekend did not have free wifi (it's 2014 and Marriott doesn't have free wifi...seriously?!). But I'm back to the land of internet now and ready to get back at it!

Anyways...Saturday morning, I met up with my friend Crystal for a morning run. Both of us had busy days, so we wanted to sneak in a workout before plans caught up with us! Although I'm normally more of a solo workout person, I do love the accountability that comes with scheduling a workout along with someone else. Normally, I wouldn't wake up at 7:45am on a Saturday to run. But, since I had promised Crystal, I dragged myself out to do it.

We ended up doing an easy 3.5 miler with a few walk breaks. It felt great to have it in before I went off to Monterey for the weekend!

Top: Nike [similar]
Shorts: Brooks [similar]
Shoes: Newton Running [exact]
Sunglasses: Oakley [exact]

I've had this shirt for over four years and it seems to be in as good of shape as it was the day I bought it! It's one of my favorite layers for days when I'm not quite sure if it's really cold enough for a long sleeve or not...so that makes it perfect for days when I lay my running clothes out the night before. I love these running shoes (in case you couldn't tell from the 5000 posts they are included in) but I really need to get a new pair! I've definitely been wearing them a bit longer than I'm supposed to!


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