Wine and Cheese and Running

I swear...anytime I don't feel like running at all, I end up having my best runs! When I got home tonight, my legs hurt and I was hungry. So, I gave myself a half hour to down some cereal and water and then forced myself outside. I ended up running for 35 minutes without stopping, which is way more than I was supposed to on this particular day of Couch to 5k. The weather was perfect tonight, so I'm guessing that helped!

Shirt: Columbia Sportswear [similar]
Pants: Lululemon [similar]
Shoes: Newton Running [exact]

These pants are actually five years old! They were given to me by a friend ages ago and still look and feel just as good as the day I first received them. I wish Lululemon still made things as high quality as these! Don't get me wrong...I clearly like Lululemon (almost every one of my #WOOTDs seems to include it), but it just isn't what I used to be. 

MyFitnessPal was great today! I ended up eating well enough throughout the day that I had a few calories leftover to enjoy a glass of wine and a little bit of cheese before bed. It's definitely been my best nutrition day in awhile. I also got inspired while grocery shopping tonight and made four days worth of yogurt parfaits to take to work so I can avoid my morning stop at Starbucks for breakfast. 

Good days are the best!


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