Yoga Tuesday

Even without killer X training this morning, I managed to get in a bit of a workout! On Tuesdays, one of my coworkers leads a yoga class after work. She incorporates a variety of different types of yoga, so sometimes it's more chill and sometimes it's more intense. Today happened to be one of the more intense days! By mid-class, I definitely had worked up a sweat! By the end, I felt so much more relaxed than I had before class. I love yoga for that!

Top: Under Armour [exact]
Sports bra: Lululemon [exact]
Pants: Yogasmoga [exact]

This is one of my favorite workout outfits! I threw in the extra picture of the back of my Under Armour tank because it's my favorite part of the shirt. Sheer white lace means it's breezy and I can show off a fun sports bra. The pants are also great. Yogasmoga makes incredibly pants that are both compressive and opaque, meaning no sheerness when you're doing downward facing dog. This particular company is a recent find of mine...right now, they only have a storefront in NYC, but their online shop has super fast (and free!) shipping.

On MyFitnessPal, today was okay. I ended up 14 calories over (probably due to my mid-afternoon snack of salt and vinegar chips), but I'll take it! It's amazing how much better I am about snacking when I'm tracking what I eat. Fingers crossed I keep it up!


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