Back in Action

Back to the office after a lovely long weekend! And, since we have yoga on Tuesdays at work, it meant ended on a relaxing note! However, we had some pretty intense yoga today. I was a sweaty mess by the end of it!

Tank: Lululemon [exact]
Pants: Yogasmoga [exact]
Sports bra: Old Navy [similar]

Apologies for the lack of action photos was already dark out by the time I got home! I was very grateful that I wore a tank top today for my sweaty class! This is one of my favorite tank tops both because of the color (mint is one of my favorites!) and because it's nice and soft. I always prefer form-fitting tanks like this for shirts falling down into your face or anything!

Nutrition has been good today! I splurged a bit on a grilled cheese at lunch, but made up for it was a kale/berry/Greek yogurt smoothie for dinner. I recently discovered these roasted coconut chips at Trader Joe's, too, which are very satisfyingly sweet without making me feel like I've overindulged. I highly recommend them!


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