Corporate Challenge

It's been a bit quiet on the workout front! Fortunately, I'm getting my stitches removed from my back tomorrow and should be back to running and yoga very soon!

Today, though, I participated in the 3.35-mile J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge with a bunch of my coworkers.. I couldn't really run, but my back has healed enough that briskly walking worked just fine. Fortunately, my coworker Whitney was kind enough to walk with me! We did attempt to run for a few parts of the race, but my back just wasn't feeling so hot and I decided not to push it. Those little bits of running felt great other than my back, though! I'm anxious to get out and run again!

No clothing info today since you can barely see what I'm wearing! The shirt I'm holding (the finisher shirt) and the one I'm wearing (our team shirt) are both custom race ones, anyways!

More life updates coming soon...and hopefully, more running!


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