Getting an Early Start

It's a busy week at work for me, so when Crystal suggested we run in the morning before work, I figured I'd go for it. One of the advantages of having newly short hair means that I take far less time to get ready in the morning, so I didn't even have to get up that much earlier than usual! We also managed to run our entire loop without stopping this morning (usually, one of us has to at some point), which meant we got done with everything much faster than typical.

Shirt: Nike [similar]
Pants: Aerie [similar]
Shoes: Newton Running [exact]

I was a bit overdressed this morning! I thought it would be windy and cold since it was last night, but it ended up being pretty pleasant and humid (which, of course, I didn't realize until after we were already out running). Regardless, this half zip wicks away sweat pretty well, so I didn't feel too terribly overheated. I'll hopefully be dressing a bit better for tomorrow's morning run!


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