Running in the Rain

I haven't had the opportunity to run in the rain in awhile! As much as I love San Francisco weather, rain isn't something that happens too terribly often (at least in the time I've lived there). So, when it was a little drizzly here in Indianapolis the other morning, I was excited about it.

The first few minutes of my rainy run were great! The rain was refreshing and there was a nice breeze. But after the first mile or so, it just felt crazy humid! On my run back (I did an out-and-back loop), the wind was in my face, which meant my sunglasses were covered in raindrops very quickly. Fortunately, it wasn't a super long run, so I was back and out of the rain before too much longer.

This photo kind of encapsulates how I was feeling about running in the rain after about 10 minutes.

Shirt: Under Armour [exact]
Pants: GapFit [similar]
Shoes: Newton Running [exact]
Sunglasses: Oakley [exact]
Headphones: Skullcandy [similar]

The back of this tank top is my favorite part of it! It just looks like a normal tank top in the front, but turn around and it's has a little bit more personality. I wore my highlighter pink pants because a lot of the roads around here lack sidewalks and have super narrow shoulders, which always makes me a little nervous when running on them. I try to run in neighborhoods with less traffic, but there are still a few areas that leave you no choice but to go on main roads! At least with my bright pants, it's a little easier to spot me!

Tonight's my sister's wedding! Can't wait!


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