Yoga and Tea

Remember how I said I wanted to do more yoga? Well, I jumped in headfirst tonight!

I wasn't feeling the greatest most of the day today, but I still wanted to do something other than sitting around. So, I figured I'd try out a yoga class at my new gym. My new gym has a lot of classes designed for elderly people looking to stay active, so when I walked into the classroom and saw several older women, I thought it would be a slow, relaxing yoga session. Well, these women were badasses whose bodies flex in crazy ways. An hour and a half later, my muscles were shaking and I almost felt drunk walking out of the gym because of the intense yoga class!

Tank top: Lululemon [exact]
Sports bra: C9 [similar]
Jacket: Nike [similar]
Pants: Yogasmoga [exact]
Shoes: Newton Running [exact]

Sorry about the lighting! One of the overhead lights by the mirror was out at the gym. I don't believe I've mentioned this jacket on here before, but it's a great, lightweight layer if you live in a rainy climate! It's been super rainy in the Bay Area lately, so I've been wearing it to and from the gym. I picked mine up from a Nike outlet (they always had them at the Park City one!), so check the outlets before buying a full price one.

On a side note, I tried another thing from the Influenster box I mentioned yesterday...Celestial Seasoning's Candy Cane green tea (which I did receive for free for testing purposes)! Although I'm not usually a big peppermint tea person, I have to say that this was nice for this time of year. It was like Christmas in a mug :) All this rain lately has made me quite the little tea drinker!


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