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Berkeley Half Marathon

Last weekend, I crossed the finish line on my fourth half marathon, the Berkeley Half Marathon. It was a challenging one!

Although my posts have been a bit infrequent lately, I've shared (mainly on Twitter) that I had a few mishaps in training on the road to my half marathon. Some old tendonitis issues flared up again, which meant two weeks away from running. I also took a last-minute vacation to Australia and New Zealand and, with my busy schedule while there, really didn't have time to do much running (although I did a ton of walking, so I stayed in decent shape). By the time half marathon day rolled around, I hadn't run in two weeks! My longest training run was only a little over 8 miles. So, I was a bit nervous about how it was going to go.

It had a relatively late start for a half marathon (8am), and the starting line was conveniently located about 10 minutes from my friend Laura's apartment where I was staying. It was a great way to start the morning (and a nice …

Half Marathon #4 in the Books

Today, I finished my fourth half marathon! And, despite some setbacks in training, I set a new personal record of 2:29.36! I'll be writing up a race report before long, but for now, here's a photo of me and my friend Laura who talked me into signing up for it.

A little retrospective on my history with half marathons...last year, I finished the Nike Women's Half Marathon here in San Francisco. I ran it the day after a friend's wedding so, despite the fact that I was on my best behavior at the wedding and reception, I still didn't have quite the finish I was hoping for. I don't recall my exact time (and can't seem to pinpoint it anywhere on the internet), but I believe it was around 2:40. EDIT: Found the time! I know why I didn't post it online anywhere haha

In 2013, I ran a half marathon in Utah with my dad. It was pretty much all downhill, which was incredible. I also had really been kicking ass in training (and the fact that I lived at a …

One More for the Weekend

Having an extra weekend day is just amazing! Why can't we have three-day weekends every week?

After a weekend of a bit too much fun, I decided to start my Monday off on a healthy note — with a run! However, I underestimated just how much San Francisco's oddly hot weather at the moment would affect me. Although it was beautiful outside, I was painfully aware of how little shade there is along my usual loop. Normally, we have a nice breeze coming off of the Bay, as well, but it was on vacation this weekend. So, by the time MapMyRun hit three miles, I was beat and called it a run.

Better than nothing, right??

tank [similar] - shorts [exact] - shoes [exact] - sunglasses [exact]

I haven't run in shorts in quite awhile! I'm typically not a big fan because I find they ride up quickly, and then I'm left with chafed thighs. Since I was anticipating that, I very liberally applied Body Glide before heading out. It worked pretty well for a short run. This tank top is also nice …

Working Hard on Labor Day Weekend

While most of my friends were heading out of town this weekend for Labor Day, I opted to stay home. San Francisco's weather has been hot and sunny, and I wanted to enjoy the city while so many people were out of town! 
I had another motive, too, though. I haven't been running a ton lately (usually just 1-2 times a week), but I registered for a half marathon in November. So, I wanted to take advantage of a long weekend to sneak in two quality runs to get back to work on my running base. I did just that! 
t-shirt [similar] - pants [similar] - shoes [exact] - sunglasses [exact]
My first run of the weekend was 4.5 miles on Saturday. I hadn't run that far in awhile, and although I thought the weather seemed perfect for running before I headed out, I was definitely thinking differently mid-run. It was hot and sunny (my usual route has little shade, too!) and I made the unfortunate mistake of wearing head-to-toe black!

Despite my less than stellar color choices in clothing, every…

San Francisco Summer Running

San Francisco has been having some incredible summer weather, so I had to get out and run!
I started out my Saturday with a nice 5k loop. It was a bit of a struggle. Although I haven't been having much difficulty with distance since I started running again post-injury, I have been having a lot of trouble with my calves getting tight. That happened last time I started running seriously, so I can't say that I'm too terribly surprised. Fortunately, I dug out my foam roller and it seems to be helping so far!
tank [similar] - sports bra [exact] - pants [similar] - shoes [exact] - sunglasses [exact]
San Francisco summer is the best! Although our actual summer weather isn't anything too terribly spectacular, patience pays off for those of us who wait :) From the end of August to late October, our weather is absolutely stunning. Clear, sunny skies, 75-85 degree's just lovely!

It was a good step into my half marathon training...miles start ramping up next week!

August 2015 Birchbox

It was a late month for my Birchbox! I just got mine in the mail a few days ago, which threw me off. Last month, it got here pretty early. This month, I received my shipping notification pretty early but then it didn't show up for about two weeks afterwards. I had participated in the sample choice this month, opting for the dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is always one of my favorites!

I was a fan of the artwork on this month's box! It was a bit more literal than previous months (which seem to typically be more abstract art or patterns), but fun nonetheless. It certainly felt very summery! The contents were also very nice and in keeping with the summer theme.
Although I was excited about the warm weather favorite contents of the box, it confused me a bit. Why would they send their summer favorites in August? Yes, it's still summer, but it doesn't really give you the opportunity to use them while the weather is still good and hot! This would've made a lot more sense in Jun…

A Climbing Roundup

Over the past several days, I've done quite a bit of climbing! Unfortunately, I have been slacking a bit on blogging about it!

Shameless plug: follow me on Instagram and you won't have to wait for my delayed blog posts :)

tank [similar] - sports bra [similar] - pants [similar] - shoes [exact]
I recently made a happy discovery when I went to Old Navy with a friend. They had all kinds of workout clothing (including this tank) on clearance, so I decided to give their stuff a shot! I'm very pleasantly surprised by how affordable their things are while still being decent quality. As of now, I've just tried their tops, but I may make another trip back to test out some pants, as well.
tank [similar] - pants [exact]
This one was a nice outfit for going to the gym straight after work. These leggings are thick enough that they are acceptable to wear with a longer shirt in my (very casual) office. For this particular outfit, I wore my tank top underneath a wrap shirt, so all I had …

My 5 Favorite Work Out Clothing Finds Under $40

As you have probably noticed by now, I really like workout clothes (I'm writing this post in yoga pants and an athletic T-shirt). And, over the last several years, athletic clothing has really taken off in popularity! Every major retail outlet seems to have their own workout line, and the Lululemons and Athletas of the world have become as ubiquitous in the gym as they are at brunch. However, those items seem to come with increasingly ridiculous price tags — $90+ for sheer yoga pants?! Seriously?!
When you shop for workout clothing as often as I do, though, you come across some amazing steals. So, without further ado, here are 5 of my favorite work out clothing finds...all for under $40!

1. Calvin Klein Performance Crop (On sale for $20)
I'm pretty sure I rave about these absolutely every time I wear them. They're a great multipurpose athletic crop. I've worn them climbing, running, to barre class and even to work. They're opaque and comfortable, but don't move…

Post-Work Workouts

I'm very fortunate to work at an office that encourages its employees to be active. Once a week, they bring in a wonderful personal trainer who leads us in intense boot camp classes. We also have a weekly running club, a softball team and other, various fitness-related, one-off activities. I try to take advantage of those as much as possible!

This week, I was a little sore after my overly ambitious hike to Alamere Falls. So, when we split up into our pace groups for running club, I was more than happy to bring up the rear of the pack! I also cut my usual four-mile run along San Francisco's Embarcadero down to three. It was a struggle!

tank [similar] - sports bra [exact] - pants [exact] - shoes [exact] - sunglasses [exact]
A few days later, it was boot camp time! Since I've been getting back into rock climbing and running a bit more regularly, I wasn't dreading it quite as much as usual. An extra 30 seconds of squats didn't quite strike terror into my heart this week…

Hiking to Alamere Falls

Sometimes, random conversations can lead to wonderful adventures. Case in point: this weekend's hike to Alamere Falls!

A few days ago, Whitney and I were talking about her new hiking boots and whether or not we should go on a local hike so she could break them in before a trip she has coming up. I mentioned that I had been wanting to hike to Alamere Falls — a hike I knew nothing about but had seen a handful of pictures of online. Jason, my roommate, also happened to be home and joined in the conversation. Plans for a Sunday hike were quickly thrown together!

Because I was coming home from the Taylor Swift concert from the night before, we got a bit of a late start. Factor in our roundabout drive to the trailhead, as well, and we weren't actually on the trail until well after noon. However, Jason had hiked the trail several times before, so we weren't too worried about it, despite its 8.2 mile length and the hot, dry weather.

sports bra [similar] - shorts [exact] - sunglass…

Swift on a Saturday

I hope you all had a magical weekend...because I know I did!

I kicked off my Saturday by sleeping in for the first time in weeks. After enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee and a few handfuls of cereal (High Fiber O's from Trader Joe' go-to for quick breakfasts!), I decided to head out on a run. One of my friends talked me into signing up for a half marathon the other day, so I figured that there was no time like the present to get back into running shape!

tank [similar] - sports bra [similar] - pants [exact] - shoes [exact] - sunglasses [exact]
It was a very hot weekend here in the Bay Area. We aren't used to very much in terms of temperature fluctuations, so I was caught a bit off guard when the breeze was blowing in hot! Since the winds were coming from inland (instead of the Pacific Ocean, like usual), it was bringing in very hot air, as well as a lot of smoke from wildfires. All weekend, the faint scent of smoke lingered, as did haze. My thoughts are with everyone …

Running Club and Volunteer Time

And we're back!

After a few months of our members nursing injuries and exploring other workout alternatives, my work running club is back in action. Several of us decided to sign up for the Run 10 Feed 10 race in October, so we figured that probably meant we should be running to prepare for it. So, we put the word out and got a decent little group of people together for our first outing.

I haven't run in awhile due to my knee, so I opted to take it pretty slow. Instead of focusing on speed, I focused on how I was pacing myself. When I first started running, I had a really, really difficult time trying to run at a consistent pace. I'd always start too quickly then find myself completely exhausted by the halfway point, eventually stopping to walk. However, I've gotten better over the last few months in particular. During this run, all three of my mile splits were within a few seconds of each other!
shirt [similar] - pants [exact] - shoes [exact] - sunglasses [exact]
In no…

Outside Lands + Barre = A Painful Combination

This weekend, I was pleasantly surprised when a friend offered me a free ticket to Outside Lands! For those of you who haven't heard about it, it's a music festival held in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. On Saturday, the lineup included Billy Idol, Kendrick Lamar, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, The Black Keys and more. I've been dying to see the Black Keys live for years, so I was happy to finally check that one off of my bucket list!

The festival itself has a very distinctly San Francisco feel to it outside of the music, too, with nice touches like Winelands (Napa and Sonoma wineries all under one roof so concert-goers can wine taste between sets), Cheeselands (local cheese plates) and an impressive array of local food trucks.

Well, I spent a little too much time at Winelands (my brother and sister-in-law on the other side of the country had a baby that evening, so I was celebrating!), so when my alarm went off the next morning for a 9:45am barre class that…

The Struggle is Real

Oh man. Getting back to boot camps, climbing and other workouts is obviously good for me...but my body is so sore! Last week, I went to a boot camp workout after work one evening and, during the workout itself, I didn't feel like it was that too terribly challenging. However, by the next day, I was feeling every muscle in my legs, particularly when walking down stairs (and to overshare a bit here, the process of sitting down to go to the bathroom was also challenging). The next day, it hit my abs (my obliques, to be exact). But, alas, I can't shirk off several days of workouts just because of that!

Smiling because the soreness hadn't set in yet... tank [similar] - sports bra [similar] - pants [exact] - shoes [similar]
Fortunately, I had already made plans to meet up with a friend to do some climbing two days after my boot camp workout. So, although my muscles were screaming at me to spend the evening in bed, I grabbed my chalk bag and climbing shoes and hit the gym. 

On the Road Again

Confession time!

Despite promising some workouts on the road, I don't have any to report back on. Although I had every intention of squeezing in a run, the combination of Indianapolis' heat, humidity and a super busy schedule led me in a different direction. So, instead, I tried to add some active elements to the things I was already doing (one of my favorite things to do while traveling!).

On Friday, my sister and I went to One Direction's On the Road Again tour (yes, really).

Even though I had no doubt that we'd be jumping around like crazy all night, we parked a ways away and walked a few miles around downtown Indianapolis before the show. We had a light dinner at Adobo Grill, then were off to Lucas Oil Stadium for the main event.
We didn't sit down for a second of the show (even during the opener, Icona Pop...they were fantastic and we were sad that there weren't more people up and dancing). Despite being among the oldest people in the crowd (aside f…

Bouldering and Red Running Pants

It's another busy week for me (although this one is due to work and travel rather than visitors!), but I managed to squeeze in a little bit of bouldering after work. I was a little under the weather at the beginning of the week, so I wasn't exactly in my best form, but I was happy to get some sort of workout in nonetheless. I also squeezed in half of a boot camp class yesterday, but unfortunately was in a rush and didn't snap any photos!

tank [similar] - sports bra [similar] - pants [exact] - shoes [exact]
Even though I've been a bit nervous about bouldering because of my knee, I had a good time and was able to tackle a few routes that are towards the top of my skill level. This combination of clothing is probably one of my favorites for climbing — form fitting but comfortable, but also in fun colors!
So, in other news on the workout clothing front, I recently purchased a bright red sports bra that I'm really excited about. However, I also really want some bright re…

Sephora's Coming for Birchbox...

While shopping with my family last weekend, I popped quickly into Sephora to stock up on some basics. However, I ended up getting totally distracted by a new feature in their store: a build your own sample kit section. My first thought was that they were very clearly going after Birchbox (which makes sense, especially with Birchbox's Gap partnership bringing their offerings into more physical stores).
Naturally, I gave it a shot!

The premise is simple enough: grab the colorful, plastic cosmetics bag and load it up with five samples from the designated area. Although the price tag ($25) is a bit higher than Birchbox's in-store, build-your-own offering ($15), you have no limitations on what you're allowed to purchase (no forced perfume samples...yay!) and you also get a decent bag that you can reuse. I also feel like Sephora's samples offer quite a lot more bang for your buck. The ones I chose were significantly larger than what I typically receive in my Birchbox.

That …