Gym and Going Gluten-Free

I decided to meet with a nutritionist the other day after my doctor suggested it. I've been struggling with low energy levels and brain fog for awhile, which has been incredibly frustrating. The nutritionist's first suggestion? Cutting out gluten for two weeks and seeing how it makes me feel. 

Now, I absolutely love my gluten-filled baked goods and pasta and all of those wonderful things, so this is not exactly something I'm super happy about. But, on the other hand, if it gives me some answers about the energy issue, I am pumped about that. So, I'm two days in. It's been interesting so far...fortunately, I have a gluten-free roommate who keeps offering me advice!

Onto the workout for the day...I had originally planned on running at work so I could get outside during daylight hours. However, it ended up being a pretty busy day at the office, so I had to drag myself to the gym and finish today's Couch to 5k workout on the treadmill. It was a bit painful, but I did it!

Shirt: Running with Ed race shirt [similar]
Pants: Yogasmoga [exact]
Shoes: Newton Running [exact]

I was having a shockingly good hair day at the gym. I don't think I've ever had my hair look that nice post-workout! I had a few issues with my Yogasmoga pants today that I wasn't thrilled about. I had to keep pulling them up (despite the fact that I definitely haven't gotten smaller since purchasing them) and there were some pretty intense sweat marks (notably in the crotch region), despite the fact that I don't sweat a ton. I think it may be time to start crowdsourcing suggestions for new pants brands to try out...


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