Summer Clothes, Winter Temperatures

Like I mentioned the other day, I got a new batch of Under Armour clothes. I had to do a treadmill run the other night because it was already dark when I got home from work, so I figured it was the perfect time to try out the tank top and shorts! With San Francisco being a little on the chilly side this week, I doubt I'll be wearing them outside for awhile.

Tank top: Under Armour [exact]
Shorts: Under Armour [exact]
Shoes: Newton Running [exact]

Apologies for the poor quality photo. The lighting in my gym isn't exactly the greatest, and there's only so much I can do on Photoshop. Now, onto the clothes... I absolutely love the color of these shorts (I have a soft spot for neon workout apparel), but they fit a little big. I've since washed and dried them, so we'll see if that improves the fit at all for me. Otherwise, I may size down if I buy them again. The tank top is just another color of my backless blue tank top that I've shared on here before. I really love these Armour Vent tank tops. I actually wore this one to work with a cardigan the other day and no one had any idea that it was a workout top! I highly recommend this one as a multitasking piece of clothing.


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