Sunshine and Summer-like Running

It went from feeling cold and wintery just a week ago to feel like the middle of summer today! It's a stunningly gorgeous day here in San Francisco, and tons of people are out and about making the most of it. I took advantage of the day to get in my Week 5, Day 3 Couch to 5k run. For those of you who have done C25K before, you know this day is where things really start to amp up. It goes from 8 minutes as your longest running interval to 20 minutes in just one workout! Every single time I've done C25K, I've ended up having to repeat this day a few times because I couldn't get quite to 20 minutes.

But not today!

 Tank top: Nike [similar]
Pants: Under Armour [exact]
Shoes: Newton Running [exact]
Sunglasses: Oakley [exact]

Today was the first time I ever made it through the dreaded 20-minute run without stopping on my attempt! It was pretty warm outside (around 70 degrees), so I opted for my tank top from the Nike Women's Half Marathon. Although I don't love the way to tank fits, it did do a great job of wicking away sweat on a warm day like today. I'm continuing to love these pants, particularly how they look. The fit wasn't quite as good today as it was the first time I wore them (guessing they stretched a bit in the wash), but they still got the job done. All in all, a good day!

With it being so beautiful and sunny out today, it was also pretty fun snapping photos post-run. I wandered around a bit and tried out some new photo spots. If this weather holds up through tomorrow, I'll probably run and try to get some cool shots again! Nothing like good photography weather to motivate me to keep running ;)


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