Belaying Lesson and Bouldering

After being told to give it a shot several times by a few friends, I finally went through with a belaying lesson! There's a climbing gym right down the street from my house, so it's pretty convenient. I'd always just assumed climbing wasn't for me — after all, it involves a lot of upper body strength, and that's usually the last thing I think about. Still, I figured there was no harm in at least learning a bit about it.

When you take a belaying lesson, you probably think you're going to spend the whole time scaling massive walls filled with all kinds of climbing handholds. You would be wrong. Instead, you spend most of the time figuring out how to tie knots and attach carabiners appropriately. By the end of the lesson, though, you have the chance to tackle the walls. Despite never having a fear of heights, I definitely felt a bit weak in the knees by the time I got to the top of the two story wall for the first time!

Shirt: Nike [similar]
Pants: Aerie [similar]

I cannot stress this enough: if you are going climbing, wear form fitting, stretchy clothing! These photos are from bouldering after my belaying lesson (when you go bouldering, you aren't attached to ropes...but you also don't go up nearly as high), but the same clothing principles apply regardless of which activity you're doing. In addition to stretchy clothing, it's useful to be a stretchy person while climbing, so I'd definitely recommend taking up yoga, as well. Fortunately, my gym offers both :)

Have you ever given climbing a shot? What new things are you trying this week? Let me know what activity I should try next!


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