No Running Club — Let's Go Climbing!

Despite my promises to share some running club photos today, I'm afraid that isn't going to happen! With everyone busy working and still hurting from the boot camp workout, running club ended up getting canceled. I can't say I was too upset about that since I'm definitely sore, as well! I did still fit in a little bit of a workout at the climbing gym, though.

Hoodie: Nike [exact]
Pants: Under Armour [exact]

Here's my hoodie again! I grabbed it at the last minute because the gym can be a bit chilly sometimes and, since I was moving a bit slowly tonight, I definitely felt the colder air. I know I've raved about these pants before, but here I go again...these pants were incredible for climbing! The pattern on the front covered up the chalk that inevitably ends up all over everything while bouldering. The back was nice and opaque but moved well with my no matter what strange body positions I found myself in. These were such a great buy!

How's everyone else's week going so far? Any killer workouts?


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