Officially Cleared to Belay!

After successfully completing my belaying lesson the other day, I made my first trip back to the climbing gym to take my belaying test. I was a bit nervous because I kept forgetting how to tie all of the different knots, but I practiced a few times before the test started. After watching two other people go through their tests, it was finally my turn. It went incredibly well! I successfully tied all of the appropriate knots and even got a compliment on my belaying technique. I'm now officially cleared to belay at my climbing gym!

Since there were three of us, we rotated who belayed and who climbed. This is my friend Nick manning the ropes for me.

Tank top: Nike [similar]
Sports bra: C9 [similar]
Pants: Yogasmoga [exact]

If I keep up with this climbing thing, I'm going to need a lot more tank tops! Even though the gym is pretty open and airy, it gets pretty warm up there when you're twisting around and pulling yourself onto teeny tiny little holds. It's a very addictive sport! It's both a mental puzzle and physically challenging.

After passing my belay test, I rotated through belaying and climbing with my friends Brent and Nick. They're both much better than I am at climbing, so they would call up pointers when I was stuck on a particularly tricky problem. Once we called it quits on top roping for the day, we did a bit of bouldering before heading out. I opted to walk home from the gym to get in a little more exercise.

How was everyone else's day? Any fun workouts?


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