Wind + Running

After a busy weekend with friends, I took advantage of today's sunshine to go on a much-needed run. My calves have been super tight lately and, given the fact that I get tendonitis quite easily, I opted to take it easy. I did a little 3 mile loop to and from my gym. I spent a good chunk of that walking, but it still felt good to be out doing something.

Jacket: Asics [similar]
Pants: Yogasmoga [exact]
Shoes: Newton Running [exact]
Sunglasses: Free [similar]

There was a bit of a breeze today and I do NOT like running in windy conditions! However, it was a great opportunity to try out this jacket that one of my friends gave to me. It was fantastic! It's very lightweight and breathable, but cut the wind quite well. I definitely got a little sweaty as the run went on because of the extra layer, but, unlike other windbreakers that I've worn, this one did wick the sweat away a bit. 

One other fun little piece of information...last week, I blogged about my belaying lesson. Today, I passed my belaying test! That means there will be a lot more climbing in my future...but more on that later :)

How was your weekend? Anyone try any fun, new things?


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