Bouldering and Trying New Tanks

After going a week without a visit to the climbing gym, I decided it was time to change that! So, I joined up with a few of my friends (more and more of them are getting hooked on climbing) and we headed over. We split up based on who wanted to go bouldering and who wanted to top rope. I joined the bouldering group and off we went!

It's pretty fun seeing how quickly you start getting better at this sport. I'm already trying new routes that are a few steps above where I started. I did a V0 (the easiest bouldering difficulty level) as a confidence booster and solved it in no time at all. Time to try bigger and better things!

Tank: Lululemon [exact]
Pants: Under Armour [exact]

I am absolutely in love with this tank top. I haven't paid full price for something from Lululemon in quite awhile (I typically wait for markdowns because I don't think their products are high enough quality for the price), but after trying this on a few times, I knew I had to have it! It's comfortable and looks cute (albeit a bit revealing for a workout tank). I actually wore it to work with a jacket and skirt the other day, and it worked quite well as a multitasking piece. Another interesting feature is that the armpit area is cut a bit low, which means no issues with armpit fat. All in all, it's a very flattering top provided you're okay with showing a bit of cleavage.

Any fun plans for the weekend?


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