Workout Clothes Styled

I've mentioned several times on here that one thing I value in workout clothing is the ability to mix it into my regular wardrobe. So, I've decided to start showcasing some of my regular outfits where I've done just that. A few disclaimers before I start into that, though...

I like clothes and putting together somewhat coordinated outfits, but I'm not going for a high fashion look. Typically, my number one requirement for my outfit is that it is comfortable. You will definitely not see me sporting five-inch heels on here!

My workplace has a very casual dress code. Some of these outfits won't be appropriate for your standard, business casual office. I live in San Francisco, and we tend to be very lax about what is and is not okay to wear to work!

Shirt: Uniqlo [similar]
Pants: Yogasmoga [exact]
Boots: UrbanOG [similar]

In hindsight looking at these photos, I'm not in love with my cami sticking out from underneath my flannel, but I do like this shirt with these leggings. Because they're so opaque and made from thick material, they can be worn pretty similarly to colored jeans. I typically wear them with boots just because they're cropped and boots conceal that :) These flannels from Uniqlo are also fantastic...they're long, comfortable and warm. With San Francisco's permanent, fall-like weather, they're kind of perfect.

More styled #WOOTDs to come...let me know in the comments if there are any particular items from previous posts that you want to see styled!


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