Running the Stress Away

The other day, I was having a pretty stressful day due to a variety of factors. As I was trying to distract myself to get my thoughts together, I kept coming back to two options: down a glass of wine or go for a run. Well, the weather was incredible and I knew that, because of a day trip I had planned, it was unlikely that I was going to exercise the next, off on a run I went! It was a slower run...I was on my own, so no competitive side to cater to. But it was a truly enjoyable run! I meandered along, undaunted my the strong headwind, doing exactly what I wanted to do every step of the run.

I'm a big proponent of running with other people from time to time simply because it pushes you out of your comfort zone...but this was one of those times that a solo run was just what the doctor ordered. Four miles after I started, my head was in a much better place and I felt pretty psyched on life!

Tank: Urban Outfitters [similar]
Sports bra: C9 [similar]
Pants: GapFit [similar]
Shoes: Newton Running [exact]
Sunglasses: Oakley [exact]

I was wearing this tank top earlier in the day and opted to keep it on for my's one of my favorite tank tops :) I can't say it's exactly ideal for running (the fabric is just regular old cotton, so it does nothing to help wick away sweat), but it holds up decently enough for a short run. These pants continue to be one of my favorites...and I continue to wish for GapFit to return to their old style of pants!

How do you deal with stress? Would you have opted for the glass of wine or the run?


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