A Rare Morning Run

I've expressed my dislike of mornings many, many times on here...yet, this morning, on a day I'd taken off from work, I found myself waking up at my usual time to squeeze in a run. My dad flew in for a visit this morning and we had a long day of wine tasting planned, so I wanted to get a healthy start to my day. 

I met up with Crystal bright and early and we ended up knocking out 4.5 decently paced miles! We're running Bay to Breakers together on Sunday (my dad will be running, too, but he's a much faster running than either of us!), so we wanted to go a little bit further than the usual 5k loop just to see how we held up. Now, we just have to hold on for all 12k of this weekend...

Tank: Lululemon [similar]
Half zip: Nike [similar]
Pants: Calvin Klein Performance [exact]
Shoes: Newton Running [exact]
Sunglasses: Oakley [exact]

Morning workouts are always tricky to plan for in San Francisco, especially when you're running along the water like I generally do. So, I went with one of my trusty Nike Element Half Zips. Inevitably, I ended up too hot about halfway through and tied it around my waist. Fortunately, it's lightweight enough that it wasn't much of a bother. My Calvin Klein pants were all stars yet again, not budging a bit over the course of the run! I really, really love these and need to make another trip to the store.

What is everyone else up to this weekend? Any big plans?


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