Back to the Barre

Another night, another barre class! Crystal has several classes to go before she's certified as a barre instructor, so I'm continuing to attend her mock classes to help with her training. It's pretty fun! She's still figuring out what works for her as an instructor, but because there are only a handful of us attending the mock classes, we all get a lot of one on one attention and really get our form down. It's a less formal setting than your typical class, too, so we have fun laughing and commenting on how challenging some of the workout components are. Tonight, my friend Arianne tagged along for her first-ever barre class!

Tank: Under Armour [exact]
Sports bra: C9 [similar]
Pants: Aerie [similar]

This was a pretty good outfit for barre! I've had these Aerie pants forever, but they fit great for barre. They didn't slide down at all (unlike my last choice of pants at barre). I really wish they still made them, but, unfortunately, Aerie discontinued most of their workout clothing. 

I'm hoping to fit in both some running and climbing before the week is over. My plan is to throw some running clothing into my work bag tomorrow in hopes of finding a little pocket of time somewhere during my work day since I have plans after work! I'm looking forward to the long weekend...plenty of time for both relaxing and being active :)

Any big plans for the holiday weekend??


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