Bouldering and Bad News

This is a blog post that I really haven't been wanting to write! 

Last week, I headed to the gym along with my roommate Jason — typical weekday workout. There was one particular V3 that a group of us (who were all at similar ability levels) congregated around. One by one, we climbed on and tried to figure it out. Gradually, we got closer and closer to the top. Unfortunately, I happened to miscalculate a grab when I was at the top of that particular V3 and fell at an odd angle. The tip of my climbing shoe caught the seam on the mat and stopped, but my upper body kept twisting. 

My knee definitely didn't feel right, but I was somewhat optimistic because I hadn't heard any cracks or pops. I couldn't stand up immediately, so I crawled off the mat and sat there for a little bit until the pain subsided. I didn't do anything about it at that moment, but the pain ended up keeping me up all night, so I went to the doctor the next day.

The verdict? A torn meniscus. 

Tank: H&M [similar]
Pants: American Eagle [similar]
Shoes: Evolv [exact]
Chalk bag: Mammut [exact]

Now, I'm out of commission for at least a few weeks. But, that doesn't mean that I won't be posting on here!

Injuries are an unfortunate but normal part of being an active person. When I lived in Utah and skied several days a week, I frequently joked that it wasn't a matter of if I was going to get injured but a matter of when. You can take every precaution under the sun, but you can't control everything. Sometimes, bad things just happen.

So, I'm going to be sharing my journey through physical therapy and back to the wonderful world of running, rock climbing and other active pursuits. Right now, I'm on crutches for a few more days (and can I just say how terrible being on crutches is in a very walking-oriented city like San Francisco?!), but I'll be sharing the ups and downs (and inevitable frustrations) of PT just like I would my regular workouts.

Thanks for sticking around so far! I'm sure there's lots of fun, active stories yet to come :)


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