Lake Tahoe Weekend + Running at Altitude

One of my best friends in the world, Julia, moved to Lake Tahoe not too long after I moved to San Francisco. We lived next door to one another before I moved, it was nice to have her within relatively easy driving distance again! Since then, we've done a pretty good job of visiting each other around once a month. She had surgery last week, so I opted to head up there and spend the weekend with her while she recovered.

Since, understandably, we weren't exactly out doing many strenuous activities, I decided to take some time on Saturday to go for an easy run. Julia and one of her roommates recommended that I head to Nevada Beach and Round Hill.

I started out with this trail down to the beach. The trees in the Tahoe area are just incredible! These beautiful, tall pine trees are everywhere, giving the air a subtle scent and making even a short stroll feel like something out of a fairytale. The contrast between the dark trees and the bright blue sky is pretty stunning, as well.

At the beach, the trees cleared up (for the most cool is it that there are pine trees on the beach, though?!) and revealed breathtaking views of mountains and water in just about every direction. 

Although I wanted to just sit and take it all in, I turned back towards Round Hill to make sure I was actually getting in a somewhat decent run.

That was when things got a little challenging. I hadn't noticed that I was running on a slight downhill slope on the way to the beach, so I was heading uphill for a ways once I turned around. Within seconds, I could feel every muscle in my legs! Normally, I tackle some decent hills on my running routes, so I was a little confused as to why this little incline was getting the best of me.

Then, it dawned on me — altitude!

South Lake Tahoe has an average elevation of 6,237 feet, while San Francisco averages just 52 feet above sea level. After living in Park City, Utah, for two years, I stopped thinking about altitude because my body was used to it...but, clearly, it isn't anymore! I ended up having to stop and walk for a few of the uphill portions of my run but didn't feel quite so bad about it after that realization.

Post-run, I cooled down with a walk along the beach. The water was freezing, but it felt pretty nice on my feet after running! 

After I'd logged my run for the day, I went back to Julia's and we made an incredible pizza for dinner — whole wheat dough, mozzarella, ricotta, garlic and bacon! Not exactly part of my Tone It Up nutrition plan, but it was worth the splurge. All things considered, Julia and I stuck to healthy choices most of the weekend!

What did everyone else do this weekend? Any fun adventures?


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