Running + Barre

As I mentioned the other day, I scheduled both a run and a barre class the day after running 5.5 miles. Why I thought this was a good idea is beyond me...but, hey, I did it!

To provide a bit of context here, my friend Crystal (who I've run with many a time) is in training to become an instructor at The Dailey Method, a barre studio. So, I agreed to go running with her before meeting up for a class the other day. She's hosting a few mock classes to hone her teaching skills, so I wanted to get to a regular class beforehand to make sure I had something fresh in my memory to compare it to. We squeezed in a two-miler before a class on this particular day.

And, to say the least, I am now super sore!!

Tank: American Eagle [similar]
Pants: Under Armour [exact]

I was struggling a bit to figure out what outfit would be good for both barre and running, and this is what I ended up with. I had a Nike half zip on top of this for running (it was cold!) and it worked out pretty decently. The one thing I would recommend for barre, though, is wearing form-fitting clothing rather than something loose like this tank top. Since there are a lot of inverted movements, it's definitely useful to wear something that's going to stick with your body during barre. Otherwise, you're going to have a shirt falling into your face pretty regularly during the class!

Stay tuned for more barre (and running) workouts this week! More mock classes to come :)


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