Something About a Saturday Run

There's just something about a Saturday run that makes everything click into place! I had plans to run with Whitney since she just got back into town, but she ended up being a bit under the weather. So, I had a nice, lazy morning and, just as the fog was breaking, I headed out for my run. Since I hadn't run all week, I was planning on a slow, easy run around 3 miles. However, I ended up getting to mile 3 and felt great! 

So, I kept going and ended up running 5 miles and walking another one!

Shirt: Asics [similar]
Pants: C9 [similar]
Shoes: Newton Running [exact]
Sunglasses: Oakley [exact]

It was a pretty brisk day, so I wasn't really sure what to wear. I was definitely cold when I started running but warmed up quickly once I hit my stride. This was a decent middle ground outfit that worked well throughout my run.

After my run, I walked around shopping for a bit. I do some of my best shopping immediately after a that odd? I always cross my fingers that I don't look too sweaty! Anyways, I ended up finding quite a few sales going on, which meant I went home with way too much stuff. I found a deeply discounted wrap at Lululemon, then bras and jeans at Gap. All in, I spent less than $150 but came home with multiple outfits!

Anyone else hitting up the sales this weekend? Any good finds?


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