My 5 Favorite Apps for Healthy Living

Confession time! Despite working in the tech industry, I'm actually not very into mobile apps at all. Aside from the basics (Google Maps, Twitter, Lyft, Instagram), it's very rare that I actually take the time to download and keep an app on my phone. However, there are a few that I absolutely love and, in my opinion, play a major role in living a healthy life.

1. SleepCycle. I downloaded this on a whim (it was the featured app on one of the Starbucks free download cards!), but it has become one that I am constantly recommending to people! Using your phone's accelerometer, SleepCycle keeps track of your movements while you sleep, then wakes you up at a point in your sleep cycle that is least disruptive. I'm not a morning person, so I'll take just about any help I can get when it comes to waking up in the morning — but its benefits go beyond that. My doctor likes to check my SleepCycle stats when I go in for appointments to make sure that my symptoms aren't due to poor sleep quality!

2. MapMyRun. Everyone seems to have their preferred run tracker, and this one is mine. I love the ability to trigger voice alerts updating you on your run pace and progress (I have mine set up to alert me every mile!). There's also a feature that lets you participate in challenges (Bay to Breakers used MapMyRun for their infamous Hayes Street Hill challenge), which can make training a bit more exciting.

3. Munchery. Healthy eating and I don't even have to make it?! It's a life saver during the week (it was especially useful when I was on crutches!), and it actually is pretty affordable. I typically will order 3-4 meals at once (the delivery fee is the same regardless of how many you order) and use them as needed for the next few days. They list all nutrition information and keep all sauces on the side, which is a definite plus.

4. Duolingo. This app has been around for awhile, but I only just recently discovered it. I minored in French in college, but without others to practice with, my skills languished. I attempted to find a class here in San Francisco that would help me brush up on those skills, but none of them worked with my work schedule. So, I opted to give Duolingo a shot. Three weeks later, my French skills are noticeably better — and I've gotten several friends on board, too!

5. Spotify. Although I haven't tried their new running feature yet, Spotify has long been my go-to for when my regular running playlist gets a bit stale.

What are your favorite apps?


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