On the Road to Recovery: First Day of PT

I'm officially on the road to recovery!

I had my first physical therapy session the other day after several days feeling more than a little stir crazy inside the house. Although I wasn't able to do much exercise-wise (they mainly just showed me a few little movements to keep my quads strong while I'm off my feet), it's nice to know I'm at least making some positive progress.

For my first session, they were primarily assessing the extent of my injury. That meant a few uncomfortable tests (they move your leg around in all kinds of interesting ways) but nothing too painful. They wanted to see how I was walking on my crutches to make sure I supporting myself properly. They had me straighten my leg out and pull it back in, measuring my flexibility along the way. Before my physical therapist left the room, she taught me a few basic exercises to do on my own (and encouraged me to keep doing crunches and other ab work at home as I've been doing).

The session ended with a 15-minute e-stim session. When I had tendonitis in my ankle a few years ago, I received this treatment pretty regularly. However, I'd never had it in my knee before. It felt quite odd.

For those of you who haven't experienced e-stim before, they hook up electrodes that sent electric pulses through the injured area. I believe it's supposed to stimulate your body's natural healing processes so they move a bit more quickly. Every time I've had it, they also wrap that particular body part in an ice wrap. So, you sit there for awhile while your muscles twitch and pulse independent of your own body movement!

After the e-stim was over, my knee felt great! It returned to feeling achey about an hour or two later, but it felt almost normal there for awhile. Hopefully, that means I can expect more of that in the future!

Has anyone else experienced e-stim? Do you like it?

And, finally, I'll leave you with something happy...despite crutches, I made it up to Sonoma County this weekend for some wine tasting in the beautiful, summer weather :)

Crutching it through wine country!


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