A Foggy Run with Friends

I had my first post-injury run with friends today! After a bright and sunny day, the fog rolled in right as we were prepping to head out, so it made for a grey, windy run. It was actually kind of nice, though, because it kept us cool and comfortable the entire time. My friend Nikki joined me. She typically is more of a group workout class person than a runner, but we had made plans earlier in the week to meet up for a run followed by a homemade, healthy dinner.

Both the run and dinner were a success! We ran a little over three miles (my knee started hurting around that point) and made decent time, despite the fact that neither of us were in the best running shape. Afterwards, we enjoyed a nice salad with chicken, accompanied by a very lovely Pinot Noir that I picked up in Napa this weekend.

Shirt: Nike [similar]
Pants: GapFit [similar]
Shoes: Newton Running [exact]
Sunglasses: Oakley [exact]

As usual, I chose to brighten up a foggy evening by throwing on some neon running clothing. These pants are always a good choice for that :) Unfortunately, the elastic is beginning to wear out a bit on them, so I'll likely have to replace them soon. I wore this shirt all day at work and it was a great multitasker...no one had any idea it was a workout shirt since my hair covered up the Nike logo! 

I have some family in town this weekend, so it'll probably be a few days until you hear from me again. Hope you all have an amazing weekend!


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