Back to Bouldering!

I'm back!! After my first run back last week, I decided it was time to start bouldering again. Since a bouldering fall was the reason I hurt myself in the first place, I was more than a little nervous about climbing again. However, I decided I'd stick to the easy routes and, if anything hurt, there was nothing wrong with taking a step back for a bit. I had a pretty big group of friends along for the ride, too, including my friend Kim. She hadn't been climbing in awhile, either, so we both were a bit rusty.

Tank: Calvin Klein Performance [similar]
Pants: Yogasmoga [exact]
Shoes: Evolv [exact]

I was pretty pleased with how my first bouldering experience post-injury went. Naturally, I was a bit hesitant about falling, so I limited myself to primarily V1s and a few easier V2s. The big thing for me is finding routes that are easy to come back down on...I don't want to jump from the top of the wall when my knee is still coming back from a deep bone bruise! 

On an apparel-related note...I'm completely in love with this new Calvin Klein tank. I made another trip to their San Francisco store (it's conveniently located very closely to my workplace) and they were having a 30%+ off sale. This tank is supportive enough for climbing, but I probably wouldn't wear it running. It's also very flattering and will make a good multitasking piece!

What's everyone up to this holiday weekend??


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