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While it was very fun having family visiting last week, I was anxious to get back to the gym! So, the day after they left San Francisco, I headed to the gym with my roommates for an evening of top roping. Even though I typically prefer bouldering over top roping, my knee was not feeling great after all of the walking I'd done with my guests. So, top roping was perfect — very little chance of falling and making it worse ;)

pants [exact] - tank [similar] - shoes [exact] - chalk bag [exact]

It was a fun workout :) I tackled a few routes that were a little harder than the ones I usually go for, and I had a lot of success with them! It was also fun top roping in a group of three. We each got to climb plenty and took turns belaying one another, but we also got a little bit of recovery time (slash time for me to post pictures on Instagram).

I've scheduled a few more climbing sessions with friends this week, so stay tuned for more photos! I am taking a few days away from running since my knee has been hurting a bit more. However, I'm headed out of town this weekend and will likely bring my running shoes along. Running is a little bit easier than climbing when it comes to traveling and exercise :)


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