Ladies' (Climbing) Night

The ladies are taking over the climbing gym!

Kim and I met up at the gym for a bit of bouldering. We met a regular climber who showed us a few basic moves to help us improve. Neither of us have ever taking a bouldering class, so it was very helpful! We put our newfound skills to work on one of the more intense overhang walls (because the wall juts out so far, you never get more than a few feet off the ground!).

I definitely still have quite a bit of trepidation where falling is concerned. Even on the shorter walls, I was opting not to finish a bouldering problem if it meant doing a move that I wasn't 100% confident that I could execute. However, my knee is continuing to get better every day, so I'm crossing my fingers that my confidence will recover in time, too. 

Tank: H&M [similar]
Pants: Calvin Klein Performance [exact]
Shoes: Evolv [exact]

In case you thought I needed yet another reason to love these Calvin Klein pants (trust me...I don't need any more reasons!), a post-climbing impromptu dinner gave me one. Despite all the chalk flying all over the place in the gym, it all came off of these pants super quickly with a few quick brushes of the hand. So, I was able to go to dinner without looking like a complete gym rat :) In fact, they looked almost like normal pants!

I had some knee pain over the holiday weekend, so I'm laying a little low this week. However, I'm hoping to have some running posts for you very soon!


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