Riley Back on the Run!

I'm back on the run!

After a few days of dragging my feet, I finally decided to test out my knee and go for a run after work. It was a grey, rainy day, but, fortunately, it cleared up right as I was changing into my workout clothes. I wasn't entirely sure how my knee would feel during this run, but I was hoping it would be a bit better than my last run. Fortunately, I made it 1.5 miles without any pain! I walked after that since my knee was aching a bit, then did another run interval. All in all, it went pretty well!

Shirt: GapFit [exact]
Pants: Calvin Klein Performance [exact]
Shoes: Newton Running [exact]
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban [exact]

I know I've been wearing black Calvin Klein Performance pants in a lot of posts lately, but, trust me, they are not all the same pair! I bought some new black crops during the sale I mentioned last week. The waistbands are different, but my shirts generally cover those up. This particular shirt is a wonderful one for when I'm running in the Financial ensures that I'm visible to all of the cars attempting to run red lights :)

How was everyone else's Thursday?


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