A Climbing Roundup

Over the past several days, I've done quite a bit of climbing! Unfortunately, I have been slacking a bit on blogging about it!

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tank [similar] - sports bra [similar] - pants [similar] - shoes [exact]

I recently made a happy discovery when I went to Old Navy with a friend. They had all kinds of workout clothing (including this tank) on clearance, so I decided to give their stuff a shot! I'm very pleasantly surprised by how affordable their things are while still being decent quality. As of now, I've just tried their tops, but I may make another trip back to test out some pants, as well.

tank [similar] - pants [exact]

This one was a nice outfit for going to the gym straight after work. These leggings are thick enough that they are acceptable to wear with a longer shirt in my (very casual) office. For this particular outfit, I wore my tank top underneath a wrap shirt, so all I had to do was pull my outer layer off and I was good to go! 

tank [similar] - sports bra [similar] - pants [exact] - beanie [similar]

For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to wear a hat while climbing. While I'm generally a fan of beanies (I lived in them all winter when I worked in Park City, Utah!), I just ended up looking pretty silly...I was sweating by the middle of my climbing workout but still had a knit hat on. Oh well...not something I will be repeating moving forward! Everything else in this outfit was wonderful, though. In particular, I liked how my sports bra matched my pants!

How was everyone else's weekend? Any fun fitness activities?


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