On the Road Again

Confession time!

Despite promising some workouts on the road, I don't have any to report back on. Although I had every intention of squeezing in a run, the combination of Indianapolis' heat, humidity and a super busy schedule led me in a different direction. So, instead, I tried to add some active elements to the things I was already doing (one of my favorite things to do while traveling!).

On Friday, my sister and I went to One Direction's On the Road Again tour (yes, really).


Even though I had no doubt that we'd be jumping around like crazy all night, we parked a ways away and walked a few miles around downtown Indianapolis before the show. We had a light dinner at Adobo Grill, then were off to Lucas Oil Stadium for the main event.

We didn't sit down for a second of the show (even during the opener, Icona Pop...they were fantastic and we were sad that there weren't more people up and dancing). Despite being among the oldest people in the crowd (aside from parents), we had a blast and were both sore from busting out so many dance moves.

On Saturday, my activity was limited to hanging out with this lovely face.

Lola the puggle

Although we clearly aren't doing much here, I joined my parents on their daily dog walks around the neighborhood. It was a great way to spend some time hanging out with my parents while also moving around a little bit. And let me tell you...the humidity and heat made even short walks around the neighborhood feel intense! San Francisco has made me a complete wimp in just about any other city's weather!

On Sunday, I hit the pool. I swam a few laps, then relaxed with a book in the sunshine.

And, finally, on my way home, I did airport laps! It may sound silly, but it's actually one of my favorite ways to kill time during a layover. On this particular one, I was flying through Detroit. If you've ever spent much time in that airport, you probably know that its terminals are very long. So, instead of hopping on the tram, I just enjoy the scenery (and people watching) and walk to my connecting gate. It's an easy airport to walk a mile or two in!

And now, I'm back in California and ready to get back to my regularly scheduled workouts :)

P.S. - Go listen to the new One Direction single "Drag Me Down" if you're looking for some new running tunes!


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