San Francisco Summer Running

San Francisco has been having some incredible summer weather, so I had to get out and run!

I started out my Saturday with a nice 5k loop. It was a bit of a struggle. Although I haven't been having much difficulty with distance since I started running again post-injury, I have been having a lot of trouble with my calves getting tight. That happened last time I started running seriously, so I can't say that I'm too terribly surprised. Fortunately, I dug out my foam roller and it seems to be helping so far!

tank [similar] - sports bra [exact] - pants [similar] - shoes [exact] - sunglasses [exact]

San Francisco summer is the best! Although our actual summer weather isn't anything too terribly spectacular, patience pays off for those of us who wait :) From the end of August to late October, our weather is absolutely stunning. Clear, sunny skies, 75-85 degree's just lovely!

It was a good step into my half marathon training...miles start ramping up next week!

How did you spend your weekend?


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