Tuesday, September 8, 2015

One More for the Weekend

Having an extra weekend day is just amazing! Why can't we have three-day weekends every week?

After a weekend of a bit too much fun, I decided to start my Monday off on a healthy note — with a run! However, I underestimated just how much San Francisco's oddly hot weather at the moment would affect me. Although it was beautiful outside, I was painfully aware of how little shade there is along my usual loop. Normally, we have a nice breeze coming off of the Bay, as well, but it was on vacation this weekend. So, by the time MapMyRun hit three miles, I was beat and called it a run.

Better than nothing, right??

tank [similar] - shorts [exact] - shoes [exact] - sunglasses [exact]

I haven't run in shorts in quite awhile! I'm typically not a big fan because I find they ride up quickly, and then I'm left with chafed thighs. Since I was anticipating that, I very liberally applied Body Glide before heading out. It worked pretty well for a short run. This tank top is also nice (despite being black and a sun magnet) during warm weather because it's so light and wicks sweat away very nicely. I'm not a huge fan of its cut (the neckline is a bit high for my taste, and it gets slightly tight through the hips), but the material is spot on.

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend! How did you kick off the new week?

Monday, September 7, 2015

Working Hard on Labor Day Weekend

While most of my friends were heading out of town this weekend for Labor Day, I opted to stay home. San Francisco's weather has been hot and sunny, and I wanted to enjoy the city while so many people were out of town! 

I had another motive, too, though. I haven't been running a ton lately (usually just 1-2 times a week), but I registered for a half marathon in November. So, I wanted to take advantage of a long weekend to sneak in two quality runs to get back to work on my running base. I did just that! 

t-shirt [similar] - pants [similar] - shoes [exact] - sunglasses [exact]

My first run of the weekend was 4.5 miles on Saturday. I hadn't run that far in awhile, and although I thought the weather seemed perfect for running before I headed out, I was definitely thinking differently mid-run. It was hot and sunny (my usual route has little shade, too!) and I made the unfortunate mistake of wearing head-to-toe black!

Despite my less than stellar color choices in clothing, everything went pretty well on the run itself. I was definitely feeling the pain there towards the end, but it wasn't enough for me to head straight home! Instead, I indulged in some post-cardio shopping (and snagged a Free People jacket on sale from one of my favorite local boutiques...looks like it's on HauteLook, too!). 

Later in the evening, I indulged yet again with a trip to one of my new favorite restaurants in San Francisco, Sessions at the Presidio. I had some friends visiting from out of town, so I took them there for an evening of locally sourced food and incredible cocktails. It was a lovely way to end the day!

How was your holiday weekend?