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Bay to Breakers: A Quintessentially San Francisco Race

A few years ago, I moved to San Francisco on Bay to Breakers weekend. Every year since then, my dad has flown out from Indianapolis to join me the annual run/costume party/longest consecutively run footrace in the world. This year was no exception! We even dressed up in costumes this year.

In addition to my dad, though, a whole group of friends joined us as fellow Waldos. Or, rather, we joined them. The Where's Waldo? idea came from my friend Kim a few days before the race, and it ended up being a pretty fun costume. All along the race course, we had people run up to us, exclaiming "We found you!" There were also a few other scattered groups of Waldos, and it was fun running up behind them and saying hello.

Now, onto the race itself...
For those of you who have run Bay to Breakers before, you probably know that it isn't a race to run for a PR. The number of people who run it is massive, so unless you're in Corral A (which I believe you can only get in with a prov…